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VA : Vinyl Acetate
 : recommended
E : Ethylene
 : useful
VV : Vinyl ester of versatic acid
M/Hard : Medium Hard
Dairen Chemical Corp.
M&A Trading are sole agents/distributors for Dairen Chemical Corp.
Products include:
Dairen Ethylene - Vinyl Acetate Emulsion
 - (Vinyl-Acetate Ethylene Emulsion, EVA Emulsion, VAE Emulsion)
Wide range of grades with varying solids content, viscosity, protective colloids and ionic types.
An emulsion copolymer of vinyl acetate with a low ethylene content which is widely used as a powerful adhesive base offering the following special characteristics:
Initial Adhesive Strength
High Wet Tack
Good Creep Resitance
Water Resistance
Alkali Resistance
Good Thickening Response
Ease of Use and Handling
Dairen Vinyl Acetate Ethylene Redispersable Powder
 - (Ethyl-Vinyl Acetate Redispersible Powder, EVA Powder, VAE Powder)
A white free-flowing Vinyl-Acetate copolymer base powder, readily dispersible in water to form a stable dispersion. used in a wide range of applications such as thin-set mortars, tile adhesives, grouts, finishing plasters, trowlling compounds, self-levelling underlays, thermal insulation syatems and pwdered paints. Used in combination of cement and plaster, or as a sole binder in other dry-mix formulations. VAE improves: